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Durable Preformed Thermoplastic Custom Wayfinding and Horizontal Surface Markings

DecoMark is a Custom Wayfinding and Horizontal Surface Markings and graphics solution with application to both asphalt and concrete. DecoMark has a wide range of potential applications including: way-finding devices, traffic guidance markings, park and pathway directional markings. It is also ideal for brand extension and enhancement in retail commercial parking lots. Engineered to last 6 to 8 times longer than paint in areas exposed to traffic and even longer in areas with only pedestrian traffic

DecoMark® is surface applied and does not alter or impair the substrate. Skid and slip resistant incorporating UV stable colours. Application does not require expensive capital equipment, customized tools, templates, or grids. DecoMark® is highly design flexible.

Features & Benefits

Use Cases:

Custom Commercial And Community Branding

Sidewalk And Pathway Accents

Informational And Directional Markings

Trail Accents And Wayfinding Markings

Branded Wayfinding Devices


Roads, Sidewalks & Pathways

Business Parks

Retail Parking Lots

Schools And University Campuses

Business Improvement Areas (BIA’s)

Data & Specs

We have provided all the documentation you need to get set up

Project Profiles

Decorative Asphalt Plaza Terry Fox

StreetBond & DecoMark were used for the creation of a public art installation in the plaza, honoring Terry Fox and his legacy. Both products are durable, long lasting and apply to a wide range of use cases for creative and functional applications for public streetscapes, businesses, schools, cities municipalities, BIAs, home renovations, public art projects and more

The Laneway Project

Laneways have a huge amount of untapped potential. While currently acting primarily as utilitarian service corridors, with strategic upgrades they can become fully-integrated and multi-purpose parts of our public space network, delivering extensive cultural, economic, social, health and environmental benefits.



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